Empower Your True Potential

Learn How To Navigate With Your Heart!
And Get Back Into The Driving Seat Of Your Life!

 LIVE Online Workshop May 10-May 14, 2021, 6 pm CEST

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In my 5-Day LIVE workshop, you will learn:

  • How to overcome fear, worries, negative emotions, and how to stop feeling disconnected
  • How to de-install your “buttons” others can push way too easily
  • How your beliefs limit your experience of life
  • What the law of karma really is and how to clear negative karma
  • Why psy-chology is not enough – and why soul-chology connects you to your inner essence 

There is a bonus waiting for you:

How to leverage your Higher Self!

 Your LIVE Workshop Experience

1. You receive daily emails during the LIVE online workshop
with more information

2. Daily LIVE sessions, each with a specific focus as outlined above

3. Exchange with like-minded workshop participants in my closed Facebook group

My Story

My name is Tamara Schenk. I am living in Wiesbaden, Germany, with my husband and my soul cats.

I am a holistic connector, mentor, and entrepreneur, bridging between business and the spiritual world, connecting the dots between mind and soul.

My mission is to empower human potential, to assist committed individuals in empowering their potential, by clearing blockages that stand in their way and connecting them to their soul’s innate gifts and talents.

With more than twenty-five years in the corporate world in many international consulting, enablement, and research roles, I am deeply grounded here in the 3D.

I have been at the crossroads of my life several times, caused by job-related and personal challenges.

I felt disconnected like a laptop in the desert with no wi-fi. Fear, worries, and anxiety were holding me back.

More than six years ago, things started to change. I learned who I am at soul level and what my innate gifts and talents are. I learned how to apply highly effective clearing techniques that work at the quantum level. Science meets spirituality.

I founded Energy Field Mastery three years ago, leveraging these highly effective energy clearing and soul access techniques to assist my clients in empowering their potential.

Get back into the driving seat of your life –
And learn how to navigate with your heart!

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LIVE Online Workshop May 10-May 14, 2021 | 6 pm CEST